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  ANGKORFOOD & HOTEL 2019 – the No.1 International F&B and Hospitality Show in Siem Reap is excited to announce that LSH Cambodia, a local supplier of international food and beverage products will be participating at the exhibition as a platinum sponsor. The company will also be showcasing a range of globally renowned food and drink brands for Cambodia’s growing market.

Here is an overview of LSH Cambodia and the brands the company will be bringing along to the expo.

LSH Cambodia was established since February 1999 to tap into a new emerging market in Phnom Penh. We specialize in supplying supermarkets and convenience stores. We also supply a variety of products to professionals in the HORECA sector.

With its strong experience, LSH has extensive knowledge of the market evolution and trends in Cambodia. The company with persistence, hard work and a committed team, expanded operation to all provinces in Cambodia. LSH is now an essential key player in Cambodia market. LSH Cambodia is also proud to announce that we are a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Certified Company.


Founded in 1933 by André Besnier and presently owned by his descendants,Lactalis is the largest dairy enterprise in the world, producing 13.6 million litres of milk a year. It also sells cheese, butter, and cream. Its flagship brand is Président, though it also has other brands such asBridel, Locatelli, Société, and Valmont.


F&N Dairies Thailand Limited produces and distributes food, beverages and dairy products in Thailand. Their main products are milk under the Bear brand and fruit juicesunder the F&N brand. Other products of theirs include F&N Magnolia Pasteurized Milk and F&N Magnolia Whipping Cream.


Palmetto Food Service, LLC wholesales and distributes packaged quick-frozen vegetables, juices, meats, fish, and other deep freeze products. The company serves customers in the United States.


The Barry Callebaut Group has been producing chocolate and cocoa products for more than 150 years. We are a fully integrated company that has mastered every step, from the sourcing of cocoa beans to making the finest chocolate products.


IREKS was founded by master baker and brewer Johann Peter Ruckdeschelmore than 160 years ago. Today, as a partner of the bakeries, IREKS is known worldwide for first-class baking ingredients and creative product ideas. With manifold services, we accompany bakers and confectioners in more than 90 countries as providers of ideas, consultation and problem-solving.


The Kewpie Group started 100 years ago with the ambition to help improve the health and physique of Japanese people with delicious and nutritious mayonnaise. That ambition has since expanded to a greater stage of contribution to food culture and healthy diets.

We put our ideal for the next 100 years into this ""2030 VISION"" with our ambitions to deliver the greatest taste of salad and egg to the world by treasuring and strengthening our past 100-year history of mayonnaise and dressings. Through food and food culture, we would like to stand closer to our customers' dietary and lifestyle, to support children's brighter future, and to make everyone's smile better and happier being considerate of people in the world.


Tee YihJia Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd is the leading frozen foods manufacturer in Singapore, exporting more than 90% of its renowned Spring Home products to countries such as Europe, North America, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.Tee YihJia’s flagship brand “Spring Home”, which won the Singapore Promising Brand Award amongst regional brands in 2007, is known the world over for its extensive range of frozen convenience food products such as spring roll pastries, roti paratha, Indian samosa, crepes, glutinous rice balls, and cocktail prawn rolls, just to name a few.

  ANGKORFOOD & HOTEL 2019 will be held from 10 to 12 October 2019 at the Sokha Resort & Convention Centre in Siem Reap. The expo will be the perfect platform for you to showcase your latest products and solutions for foodservice and hotel businesses. It is also the perfect setting for entrepreneurs to explore new business prospects and partnership opportunities.

Book an exhibition booth at ANGKORFOOD & HOTEL 2019 today and savour the taste of success! For more information, please contact Ms Vichera (vichera@ambtarsus.com) in Cambodia, or Ms Amelia (amelia@ambtarsus.com) outside Cambodia for more details.
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