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  Cambodia’s F&B scene is experiencing big developments as it has begun providing certification for Halal food companies to conduct business in the country in order to attract Middle Eastern tourists to the Kingdom.  
Companies that wish to obtain the certification will need to go through the application process, which will take up to a month. After that, they must pass inspections by the Cambodian Halal Steering Committee, which will be monitored by the Ministry of Commerce. Once approved, the Committee will award the certificate to the company, whereupon they will be expected to comply with the terms set by the Committee.

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism has said that besides the introduction of halal food businesses to the Kingdom, they are looking at other ways to attract more Middle Eastern tourists such as products and services specifically catered to them. So far, the results have been promising, with 1,780 Middle Eastern tourists having visited Cambodia within the first quarter of 2019, accounting for a 40% rise in the country’s quarterly tourism figures.

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