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    The organisers of DANANG LIVESTOCK 2019 – Central Vietnam’s 1st Major International Livestock, Feed and Animal Health Exhibition are pleased to announce that the expo has gained the support of the CP Vietnam Corporation and Asia Nutrition Technologies (ANT).

Recently, delegates from AMB Tarsus Events Group had the privilege to meet with the senior heads of these two major feed producers for livestock and poultry in Vietnam. The meetings concluded with CP Vietnam and ANT agreeing to support DANANG LIVESTOCK 2019 by arranging for their key management personnel to attend the expo this September
The support of these two major players in Vietnam’s feed and livestock sector will help to expose more influential members of the industry to the commercial benefits of the expo. This in turn will increase opportunities provided by DANANG LIVESTOCK 2019 for local and international companies to meet and engage in rewarding business relationships that will introduce new technologies and solutions to the livestock industry in Da Nang and Vietnam as a whole. This will also help to boost sales in related products and supplies, which in turn will bolster the country’s growing economy, thereby potentially creating further business opportunities for the future.

DANANG LIVESTOCK 2019 is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, a leading international trade show organiser for Asia. This expo is the ideal platform for manufacturers and suppliers of feed, animal health and livestock equipment and supplies to introduce new innovations and advancements to improve the quality, productivity and bio-security in Vietnam. In addition, it is a great place to get updated on the latest business news and trends and to network with thousands of local and overseas industry professionals.

Get a head-start in growing your business overseas by introducing your product portfolio to Danang’s rapidly growing livestock and feed market. For more information, please contact Mr Steven Chou (steven@ambtarsus.com) or Mr Richard Yew (richard@ambtarsus.com).

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