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    The organisers of BANGLALIVESTOCK’18 – Bangladesh’s International Livestock Production, Animal Health & Feed Exhibition, are pleased to welcome major innovative and competitive supplier in the Wastewater and Water Treatment Systems, Industrial Water Engineers (IWE) and the leading industry player in poultry industries machinery and equipment manufacturer, SHT Engineering Sdn Bhd.  
    Founded in 2001, IWE has completed more than 150 wastewater treatment plants and is an expertise on industrial water treatment solutions and processing plants – meat processes specifically. With proven technology in the treatment, slaughtering and processing of livestock, IWE has designed and built various types of biological treatment processes to meet different local requirements and expectations. Their technical know-how extends to all treatment solutions and equipment such as the Feather Separator, Fine Static Screening, Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) and Biological Treatment Processes.  
    SHT Engineering Sdn Bhd, on the other hand is one of the fastest growing companies originating from Malaysia. Committed to the manufacturing and supply of high quality poultry processing machinery and equipment, SHT Engineering is in the midst of expanding their market to the Asia Pacific region.  
    The global livestock machinery market is segmented into product categories such as egg handling and processing systems, manure handling system, feeding systems and others. The increasing concerns about health and fitness are driving the consumption of meat, eggs and food products rich in protein to an all-time high. Thus, many farmers and poultry farms are adopting advanced poultry equipment and are powering the demand for poultry keeping machineries across the globe.

Due to limited spacing in HALL 3 & HALL 4, we have opened up an additional hall – HALL 2, to meet the demand for exhibition booths. Don’t miss this golden opportunity and reserve the best location for your company at the exhibition today!

BANGLALIVESTOCK 2018 is all set to transform and upgrade Bangladesh’s livestock industry on par with major global players.

Organized by AMB Tarsus Events Group, it is the leading international trade show organizer in Southeast Asia. The Group has also hosted livestock industry shows in other nations namely Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

IWE and SHT Engineering will be joining over 200 exhibitors including Pavilions from Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan and India.

Empower your business with success! To book your booth, contact Mr. Syed at syed@ambtarsus.com



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