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    The organisers of BANGLALIVESTOCK 2018 are pleased to welcome two new exhibitors – Metro Exporters Pvt Ltd and SCI Co Ltd – representing some of the top Animal Health & Nutrition Product Suppliers. They will join over 200 exhibitors represented by Pavilions from China, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.

BANGLALIVESTOCK 2018 – Bangladesh’s International Animal Health, Feed and Livestock Production Exhibition and the co-located Bangladesh Feed & Livestock Industry Forum are set to be the largest gatherings for the feed and livestock industry in the country. Since its announcement two weeks ago, 85% of available booths have already been booked.

Occupying four halls of the prestigious ICCB in Dhaka from 20 to 22 September, the BANGLALIVESTOCK 2018 expo will showcase an impressive range of feed and additives, animal health & nutrition supplies, as well as animal rearing equipment to meet the growing demand of the livestock industry.

For more information on how you can see your business grow, contact Mr Syed (syed@ambtarsus.com) or Mr Richard (richard@ambtarsus.com).

    Metro Exporters is an international trading house specializes in sourcing and export of a diverse range of products and services worldwide. Among its specialties includes producing and distributing Feed Additives, Probiotics, Veterinary Medicines, Herbals for Animal Nutrition and Health. Founded in 1964, the company is now one of India’s foremost trading organisations, with operations spanning across Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East, with a vendor network of over 700 associates.  
    SCI is a venture company that develops and produces animal feed additives such as enzymes, natural growth promoters, probiotics and antibiotic replacers. It was established to develop high value products that can be applied to the livestock industry through new biotechnology. Staffed with the finest researchers and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, SCI will continue its efforts to develop products that result in concrete benefits to farmers everywhere.  

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